10 marketing trends for 2016

From continuing growth of mobile to online video to social media, what will be the top marketing trends in 2016? 

Let’s take a look at 10 trends shaping the future of marketing in 2016.

1. Mobile will continue to grow source. 2/3 of Americans own smartphones and that number will rise in 2016. Marketers will need to prioritize this channel even more (source: : Pew Research Center).

2. Online video gains ground 8 bn video views from more than 500 million users occur daily on Facebook alone. In 2017, 74% of all internet traffic will be video (source: Syndacast).

3. Growing popularity of programmatic. More than 80% of publishers are currently using programmatic solutions to sell digital advertising, including both RTB and premium direct solutions (source: Operative Media).

4. 43% of marketers say personalization led to more conversions. Personalization is the key (source: CMO Council).

5. Content budgets continue to rise. 43% of respondents plan to spend between 10% and 30% more in content development and promotion (source: Content4Demand).

6. Social media will be a mainstream marketing channel. 65% of adults used social media in 2015, nearly 10x the number in 2005 (source: Pew Research Center).

7. 80% of consumers are willing to share detailed personal information, such as name, email and nationality. Marketers need to leverage customer data (source: Aimia’s 2015 Global Loyalty Lens).

8. Digital becomes a top priority while traditional channels lag. Experts anticipate digital media to beat TV in ad spend in just the next 2 years (source: ZenithOptimedia).

9. Marketing technology streamlines the implementation of lead nurturing tactics and is “extremely important” to 75% of companies and “somewhat important” to another 22%. Growing role of technology (source: Ascend2).

10. 2015 was the breakout year for predictive analytics in marketing, with at least $242 million in new funding for startups that are pioneering this new technology. Predictive analytics in marketing (source: Raab Associates).



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