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Marketers improve their effectiveness with automation

Automated marketing scenarios provide marketers with opportunities to use their time more effectively by focusing on what’s really important instead of performing all the repetititve tasks by themselves.

Automation allows to smoothly complete tasks that would be extremely time-consuming and tedious to perform manually. In this way Marketing Automation helps marketers to save time and focus on creating strategy.

We can see how it works by looking at an example of a periodic sendings of messages to leads interested in particular subject.

Let’s assume that a company selling healthy food wants to run campaigns consisting in sending pieces of advice and experise to their potential customers.

The first step in such a scenario would be filling out a form on the company’s webiste.

When a customer fills out such a form, their data is sent into the MA system’s database. Such contacts may also get a proper tag, which will facilitate further communication with them.


The next step in the scenario may consist in sending a series of e-mails containg information on healthy food to properly tagged recipients.

Thanks to the Delay Blocks, marketers may specify that their messages will be sent at weekly intervals.

The whole process is automated, so every new lead will be sent proper weekly messages sarting from the moment of filling out the form. All that marketers have to do is to create their messages and launch the scenario.

They don’t have to remember to manually send messages to the customers at weekly intervals. With Marketing Automation it all happens on its own!


Michał Pasternak

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