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Real-Time Marketing in iPresso – Actions on sites

iPresso’s new feature enables marketers to react in real-time to actions of recognized and anonymous users who visit company’s monitored websites.

Actions on sites feature allows to display dynamic website content adjusted to users’ traits and behaviours. Hence, the proper message will reach a clearly defined target group of visitors in real-time.

Let’s see how it works on the example of a company which runs workshops for managers in various cities.

Based on the information gathered in the MA system about earler activities of particular users (e.g. opened e-mails), the company may prepare individualized pop-ups with information on discounts and display them to their most loyal users (e.g. those who often open e-mail sent to them).

Moreover, such target group may be further specified by using localization criteria, which allow users to be informed about given workshops on the basis of the place where they live.

If the company wants to organize a workshop in Manchester and offer their most loyal clients a discount, the Actions on sites feature will allow marketers to display customized messages (e.g. pop-ups) to those visitors who live within a given distance from the city.

Such criteria may be then used in relation to similar events taking place in other cities.

Michał Pasternak

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