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80% of marketers say data is critical to success

Nearly eight in ten surveyed marketers stated that customer data is essential to their campaigns, according to the new Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising report.

The third edition of the annual Global Review of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising study, conducted by the Global Data & Marketing Association (GDMA) and the Winterberry Group, found 79.6% of marketers consider customer data to be indispensable to their marketing and advertising efforts.

Over half (53.4%) of global survey respondents increased their year-on-year spend on data-driven marketing and advertising in 2016, while 36% said their spending remained unchanged.

Almost 90% of participants claimed their DDMA efforts were at least partially focused on the maintenance of customer and prospect databases. 88.2% said they are actively segmenting their data in order to target and engage customers more effectively.

Survey respondents also believe that having better integration of their existing advertising and marketing technologies would make their Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising efforts more successful.

The report is based on surveys of 3,283 thought leaders conducted in 18 countries, between July and October 2016.

Michał Pasternak

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