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Investments in Marketing Automation are on the rise

Marketing automation is growing, as B2B marketers aim to leverage cutting-edge technology to create sophisticated, personalized and targeted campaigns. According to the Marketing Automation Trends, published by Ascend2, 71% of B2B marketers already use a marketing automation system, while another 23% plan to use it in the future.

Almost three in four marketers expect that the marketing budgets of their compnies will increase in 2017, says the State of Marketing Technology 2017 report published by and Walker Sands Communications. 50% of marketers think that martech budget and investmets will increase slightly and 20% expect them to grow greatly. Another 26% predict that the spending will remain the same, while only 2% think it will decrease slightly.

However, many marketers still encounter barriers to marketing automation success. In the Ascend2’s survey, 52% of respondents indicated that the lack of an effective strategy is the most significant one. Other major barriers include the complexity of the system (42%), inadequate contact data quality (38%), lack of employee skills (32%), lack of relevant content (31%) and marketing-sales alignment (30%).

The major benefits of using marketing automation include (according to Martech Intelligence Report: B2B Marketing Automation Platforms. A Marketer’s Guide):

  • increased marketing efficiency,
  • enhanced ability to generate more and better qualified leads,
  • a multichannel view of prospect behavior,
  • better alignment of sales and marketing goals,
  • improved lead conversion and ROI.

Michał Pasternak

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