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Marketing teams specialise and restructure to keep up with technology

A growing number of marketing teams are planning to restructure to keep up with technological changes, according to the Marketing Team Structures Report 2017 published by Technology for Marketing, the IDM and Pure360.

Structures of marketing teams are changing to keep up with the influence of technology on marketing. The new research by Technology for Marketing, the IDM and Pure360 reveals how marketers are resourcing and restructuring to effectively deal with the upcoming technological challenges.

  • Marketing is going to be more specialised. In the survey, 33% of marketing teams say they expect to become more specialist this year, with only 3% planning to become more generalist in their expertise.
  • More partnerships with IT and external technology. Just 12% of marketers said they exclusively ‘own’ the martech they rely on, which means that the majority rely on partnerships with IT or external agencies.
  • Critical skills for modern marketing. The most important skills for marketing teams include: marketing strategy, content production and customer insight.

Michał Pasternak

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