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46% of internet users follow brands on social media

Brand following on social media is most popular in Latin America (53% of internet users do it), the Asia Pacific region (49%), and Middle East and Africa (49%), according to GlobalWebIndex data.

In North America 39% of internet users follow brands, and in Europe 36% do.

Brand following is especially popular in younger generations: those aged 16-24 (51%) and 25-34 (49%). It gradually declines in older internet users (with just 29% of those aged 55 to 64 following a brand on social media.)

Brand followers are 51% more likely to discover brands via an update on a brand’s social networks, and 43% more likely to have uploaded a photo or video to a brand’s social network page.

They are also 20% more likely to purchase online via mobile, 41% more likely to say that the chance to buy something on a social network would motivate them to complete a purchase, and 32% more likely to be researching products via video sites.

Top social networks for brand following are Facebook (93% of members do it), YouTube (83%) and Twitter (70%).

Michał Pasternak

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