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Gen Z-ers use YouTube, Instagram, Facebook for Shopping Recommendations

95% of Gen Z-ers (people born between roughly 1996 and 2010) use YouTube – and half say they can’t live without it, according to Adweek and Defy Media.

YouTube is the most popular social platform among the members of Generation Z, with 95% using it and 50% saying they can’t live without it. Boys were 24% likelier than girls to say they could’t live without YouTube.

The next most popular social platforms are Instagram (69%), Facebook (67%), Snapchat (67%), and Twitter (52%).

For shopping recommendations, 24% use YouTube, 17% use Instagram, and 16% use Facebook. And for how-to info, 66% use YouTube, 9% use Pinterest, and 6% use Facebook or Google+

Members of GenerationZ tend to trust social stars at least as much as “mainstream” celebrities (like actors, singers or reality stars). When it comes to buying tech gadgets they trust online celebritis more than the “mainstram” ones (70% vs 21%).

The majority og Gen Z-ers accept almost any type of celebrity branded content, but they prefer if it is discoled. The most accepted type of branded content is when a celebrity talks about why they like or use a brand (79% said it was always or sometimes OK).

Gen Z-ers also don’t mind when a celeb talks about their political views (62% said it was totally or somewhat OK).

Michał Pasternak

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