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Content Marketing Revenues Forecast To Grow 14% In 2017

It seems that content marketing is still the king, as companies keep using it ever more frequently. Global content marketing revenues grew 14.3 percent to $28.1 billion in 2016 14% in 2016 to $28.1 billion, and on the basis of the data for the first half of 2017, the sector is once again headed for 14% growth this year – according to new research published by PQ Media.

B2C content marketing continues to grow at a faster rate (15,1%) than B2B’s 13.6%. However, the latter sector’s content is the larger one, generating revenues of $14.7bn globally in 2016, compared with $13.4 billion for the B2C sector.

The Global Content Marketing Forecast 2017 states that the growth of content marketing is driven by the rapid growth in branded mobile content, digital videos, branded games and social media content.

The USA is currently the world’s biggest market for content marketing exceeding $12 billion in 2016. It is followed by Germany ($2bn), Japan ($1.5bn), the UK ($1.5bn), and France ($1bn). However, the American market ranked only 16th in overall growth, as South Korea is the leader whose market grew by 22%.

PQ Media forecasts that content marketing revenues worldwide are going to expand at a compound annual rate of 14.4% in the 2016-21 period, with the US growing at 13% in the same period.

Of the 13 channels, branded print & digital magazines was the largest, generating $8.4 billion and accounting for 30% of global revenues in 2016, followed by branded research reports & white papers at $2.9 billion (10% share), and webinars & online presentations ($2.7 billion). Branded mobile content was the fastest growing content marketing channel, vaulting 48%, followed by sponsored games & tools (up 34%), social media content (31%), and branded videos (30%).

Michał Pasternak

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