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4 in 10 UK Consumers To Request Personal Data After GDPR Comes Into Force

40% of UK consumers are planning to exercise their data privacy rights within six months of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force on May 25, 2018, according to a new study by Veritas.

The new EU regulation will give citizens broader control over their personal data and implement tougher rules for data gathering by businesses and institutions. Companies will be obliged, i.e., to get unambiguous consents to collect data from customers, and provide them with information about the extent of personally identifiable data they gathered.

A new study concluded by 3GEM for Veritas, in which 3,000 people were surveyed, including 1,000 in the UK, found that 56% of consumers didn’t feel comfortable having personal data sit on systems that they have no control over. 56% of respondents also said they wanted to have a clearer understanding of what data companies hold on them.

Almost half of respondents (47%) said they were going to request personal data and/or have that data deleted if a company holding their data suffers a data breach. More than a third of consumers plan to exercise their data privacy rights because they do not trust companies to effectively protect their personal data.

Lastly, it seems that some respondents intend to put businesses to the test. 27% plan to to test businesses to understand how much their consumer rights are valued before deciding whether to continue doing business with them. Interestingly, 8% claimed they planned to exercise their rights just to irritate companies that had mistreated them in the past.

The following industries are most likely to be targeted with requests from customers:

  • Financial services companies, including banks and insurance companies (56%)
  • Social media companies (48%)
  • Retailers (46%)
  • Former, current or potential employers (24%)
  • Healthcare providers (21%).

Michał Pasternak

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