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Majority Of UK Consumers Say All Brands Should Offer Loyalty Programmes

59% of British adults say they expect all brands to reward them for their loyalty, according to a new research from YouGov and Mando Connect. 77% of respondents said the were already subscribed to at least one loyalty scheme.

Loyalty programmes are especially popular among women, with 85% of them saying they take part in at least one such scheme, compared to 70% of men. Loyalty schemes are also popular among people older than 55 (83% of them participate in at least one).

Young men are least likely to be members of such programmes. Among 18-24 years olds, nearly three in ten men (29%), and more than one in five (22%) women aren’t members of a any programme.

72% of British adults say that loyalty programmes are a great way for brands and businesses to reward their customers. Top reasons for joining include benefitting from in-store and online discounts and offers (87%), and getting discounts/rewards from partner retailers or brands (55%).

Penetration of membership in such programmes varies greatly by sectors. The biggest sector is supermarket loyalty with 65% of British adults subscribed to at least one of such schemes. The second biggest sector is pharmacies on 37%. At the other end of the scale, there are banks and financial services with 4%, and beauty parlours and salons, which have only 3%.

Michał Pasternak

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