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Track Conversions of Your Campaigns with iPresso’s Sophisticated Reports

Campaign Reports in iPresso allow marketers to easily track detailed results of various campaigns carried out in different communication channels. This solution provides you with up-to-date insights related to campaigns sent via email, text, voice messages or pop-ups.

How does it work in practice?

Thanks to the use of campaign tags, which you can assign to any of the sendings created in iPresso, the results delivered by all such messages will be brought together in a Campaign Report,

The first of the charts below presents the total conversions results from all of the channels employed in a campaign.

conversion sum

iPresso allows you to select specific conversion activity to be measured, for example a visit on a website or a product purchase. The system tracks the number of such user activities that take place within a defined period following the sending of a specific message.

The following charts present the conversion in different communication channels, which allows marketers to gauge their respective effectiveness. The charts shows conversion with regard to specific contact reactions (e.g. when it comes to emails – conversions after email has been sent, opened, clicked).

conversion pop up conversion email
The new feature of the reports provides marketers with access to even more precise data, namely conversions of each of the sendings performed via a specific communication channel.

Below we can see an example of a chart presenting conversion of one of the emails sent within a campaign.

conversion one email

Such a solution allows marketers to learn about the most effective communication channels and most successful campaigns, while providing them with detailed data on each particular sending.

Michał Pasternak

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