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American Millennials Likely To Be Loyal To Brands That Respond On Social Media

A brand’s presence in social media has a direct link to the loyalty of its customers. As much as 72% of American millennials prefer the brands that respond to feedback on social media over the brands that don’t do it, according to a survey conducted by The Harris Poll for TELUS International.

One in four Americans (24%) says they provided feedback to companies they bought products from using company social media channels once a week or more often in the past year. Among millennials this percentage rises to 38%. One in five millennials most prefer to leave positive feedback for a company they have purchased from on the company’s social media channels. 13% most prefer this channel for providing negative feedback.

Not only do millennials provide their feedback more often than other customers, but they also pay greater attention to the ways in which the company responds. According to the report, almost half (47%) of 45+ Americans would be more likely to be loyal to a brand that responds to feedback via social media over a brand that does not. When it comes to millennials, this percentage rises to 72%.

One in two Americans would also recommend a brand that has an exceptional social media presence (for example, quick response times, informative, across multiple sites), even if the were not intially happy with their product/service. 62% of millennials expressed this view.

Michał Pasternak

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