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Visual Content Marketing In 14 Numbers

The importance of visual content keeps growing, especially on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, video materials become increasingly popular and constitute a significant part of content strategy for many businesses.

Venngage asked over 500 digital marketers about their opinion on how visual content influenced their marketing strategies in 2018, and what their plans for the future were.

Here are some of the finidings:

  1. 56% of marketers say the use visuals in their content almost 100% of the time, and 88% say the use visuals in more than half of their articles.
  2. The most frequently used type of visuals was stock photography (40%), followed by original graphics (e.g. infographics) which were used by 37% of respondents.
  3. Original graphics, such as infographics, are said to be the best performing visual format (40%), followed by videos and presentations (23%), and charts and data visualization (20%).
  4. 37% of marketers say the spend 2-5 hours per week producing visuals, while for 35% it takes less than 2 hours per week.
  5. Online tools or graphic design software are used by one in two marketers (49%), which means their use increased by 60% since 2019.
  6. Producing engaging visuals consistently is reported to be the biggest struggle when it comes to visual content (35%).
  7. 42% of respondents said they spent less than 10% of their budget on visuals in 2018.
  8. In 2019, 32% of marketers project to spend over 30% of their budget on visual content. 30% plan to spend less than 10%.
  9. 47% of marketers said it was very difficult for their brands to produce visual content consistently.
  10. If they could automate one part of their visual creation process, 42% of respondends would choose auto-generation of multiple design variation based on the content they input.
  11. 69% of respondents declare that visuals are very important or absolutely necessary to their marketing strategies, while 21% say they are quite important.
  12. Blogging is part of marketing strategy for 88% of marketers.
  13. Among those who use blogs, 86% say that more than 81% of their posts contain at least one visual.
  14. 46% of respondents predict that over 81% of businesses will heavily rely on visuals as part of their strategies in 2019-2020.

Michał Pasternak

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