Shoppers want quick answers!

Recently, the cloud communications platform Sinch surveyed over 3,000 shoppers concerning their purchasing habits. And since we are on the threshold of the 2022 holiday season, every e-commerce business owner should be vitally interested in their findings. Spoiler alert: Omnichannel and m-commerce are on the rise, and your customers expect quick communication!

Today, consumers expect seamless and quick interactions with online retailers. For example, over 90% of consumers would message a chatbot to check if a product is in stock before going to the store. What are the other common reasons for communication with the store?

  • Initiating product returns, exchanges, and refunds (90% of answers)
  • Getting updates on items left in their online carts (89%)
  • Completing a customer satisfaction survey (77%)

Customers are more willing to chat with the store using a social media platform because they believe it’s a faster way of getting the information they need (54% think so). The reality isn’t so optimistic, though. The same study shows 75% of those messages take anywhere from several hours to more than a day to be answered. The result is predictable – 54% of customers take their business elsewhere.

And what about mobile phones? Sinch’s study revealed 73% want to visit a store and then make a final purchase on their mobile phones – often from within the store!

What’s the lesson for you? If you want to grow sales and attract more customers, don’t keep them waiting! Perhaps marketing automation will make your work easier?

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