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Ecommerce trends

The latest e-commerce trends

E-commerce is rapidly changing; that’s why it’s so important to stay up to date with everything going on in this sector. Thankfully, we have many market trends that help us understand the current condition of online...


BNPL enters the B2B world

As DigitalCommerce360 reports, buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) firms are now targeting business payments. The goal is to provide B2B companies with short-term loans to help them manage their daily business. The juice is...

MarTech - iPresso Marketing Automation

How martech ups your marketing and customer service game

Martech is not just a fancy solution for companies with too much money that want to save time. Thanks to martech, you can significantly improve your marketing, sales, and customer service efforts in at least four ways...

email marketing

What emails are most successful in e-commerce?

In August 2022, there was a study conducted by Bluecore on the efficiency of different types of e-commerce emails. As it happens, welcome emails have the highest open rate (over 45%). What else can you take from this...

analysis of customer data

87% of B2B companies have problems with buyer intent data

For B2B companies, both large and small, lead generation is still a huge problem. Leadfeeder is a company that surveyed British and American marketing and sales professionals. The results are worrying – as many as 82%...

customer loyalty

What do you know about customer loyalty?

Customer loyalty is the ultimate goal for every entrepreneur and marketer. At the same time, it’s something vague and fickle. After all, customers are primarily looking for the best deals, don’t they? Recently...