User experience

In late December 2022, Storyblok published the results of a study conducted among over 6,000 online shoppers in the United States and Europe. The main conclusion you should draw from this study is that most of your customers will drop your store if it doesn’t offer a sufficient user experience.

To be precise, that’s what 60% of respondents said. As a result, e-commerce companies lose, on average, five purchases a year per customer. Moreover, as much as 8% of surveyees said they abandon more than ten purchases a year. This translates to a significant amount of money lost for your business every year.

This means your UX must be impeccable, and you have to make an amazing first impression. Why? The same study revealed that 42% of online shoppers decide whether to stay in or leave a given store within just 10 seconds. 20% of them need only five seconds to make this decision.
Read the full summary of Storyblok’s study.

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