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Just 44% of UK businesses respond to online reviews

Just 44% of UK businesses respond to online reviews!

That’s what the latest online study published by DAC Group revealed. And the bad news keeps coming – 38% of British companies do not have local branch pages, and just less than half (42%) use UTM performance marketing...

Relationship marketing

The time of relationship marketing has come

The experts agree 2022 is the year of relationship marketing. People look for in-depth, personalized customer experiences and they want to engage in communication with brands using multiple channels. As Tim Glomb from...


42% of CMOs say: Data hinders creativity!

Adverity is a company that surveyed 300 CMOs across the US, UK, and DACH region. Their findings: 42% believe data hinders creativity, 41% say something exactly the opposite, and 17% remain undecided. The cited study...

generation Z

Gen Z avoids ads

Is generation Z (people born between 1997 and 2012) among your potential customers? If so, forget about traditional ads. They hate them and will do whatever they can to avoid them. In the report published by Bulbshare...

customer experience

Martech improves customer experience!

Do you want to improve CX in your company? In the omnichannel world, you need to provide users with what they need, when they need it, and through the channel they prefer. Martech can help you significantly with this...


Hypewear introduces NFTs to mainstream fashion

Hypewear is a digital platform made by German fashion company, About you. They want to promote NFTs in the fashion industry. Through Hypewear, users will be able to purchase fashion NFTs, and they will one free NFT upon...