94% of shoppers: we need accurate product information!

Do you care about the quality of product information in your online store? According to the latest market research, that aspect of your online business is essential. As much as 94% of online shoppers said good product information is important in online shopping.

Interestingly, that result constitutes a significant growth compared to the last year, when “only” 83% of online shoppers claimed product information was important in their purchasing decisions. Today, over 50% of online shoppers (the study was conducted in the US, UK, and Germany) say they will go elsewhere if they don’t find sufficient product information on a given web store’s site. 47% claim the lack of accurate product data is frustrating, and 36% even feel angry because of it.

What should you include in your product descriptions? Here are the answers:

Exhaustive written product descriptions (39% of answers)

Images (25%)

Customer ratings (18%)

Product videos (12%)

How many of these forms do you use in your online store?

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