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iPresso Feed Manager

Discover Feed Manager

If you’re running an online business, e.g., an online store, you surely have multiple data sources and assets to manage. Many of these assets are useful when it comes to communication with your customers (e.g., product data or blog posts). With our Feed Manager, you can manage them effectively and use them to conduct more effective marketing campaigns.

iPresso Enterprise

Discover iPresso Enterprise

Last time, we showed you the Basic version of our platform. We understand, though, that it can be insufficient for many large companies, especially in such sectors as banking and FMCG. If you’re after a truly enterprise-grade MA solution, iPresso Enterprise is your best bet.

SMS vs. WhatsApp

SMS vs. WhatsApp – similar but different

Communicating with your customers and users via mobile devices entails many benefits. However, before you do, you need to pick the best tool to do so. There are two typically-mobile channels – text messages (also known as SMS messages) and WhatsApp.