Author: Maciej Mazurkiewicz (Maciej Mazurkiewicz)

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Creating a new marketing campaign is not always easy. There are many things to think about, including target audience, offer, copy, and layout. And today, we want to focus on that last element. The visual side of your ads, pop-ups, and newsletters is incredibly important, as the majority of people are visual learners. So, how can our Theme Creator streamline your work? Let’s have a look.

Marketing Automation in Finance

Marketing Automation in finance

The financial sector is developing very quickly. Today, a bank account is more than just a way to store your money securely. It’s versatile support in many aspects of everyday life. How can financial companies (banks, fintechs, money transfer platforms, etc.) benefit from marketing automation to reach more customers and streamline operations? Let’s take a look!

Marketing automation in education

Marketing Automation in education

The educational sector struggles with many challenges. Some of them entail getting more students/participants while others, communicating with the target audience and distributing educational material effectively. In this post, we want to show you how marketing automation can streamline your work, whether you run a university, a language school, or a training company.