Marketing Automation in Finance

The financial sector is developing very quickly. Today, a bank account is more than just a way to store your money securely. It’s versatile support in many aspects of everyday life. How can financial companies (banks, fintechs, money transfer platforms, etc.) benefit from marketing automation to reach more customers and streamline operations? Let’s take a look!

Finance is both a very profitable market sector and a big challenge for companies operating in it. After all, there is a limit to what these companies can offer, and there is a never-ending influx of new requirements, regulations, and safety measures that financial companies have to comply with. 

Dealing with all these challenges can be slightly easier with the use of marketing automation. 

Gather and analyze customer data

Every bank account is a goldmine of information about your customers. Income, spending habits, favorite stores, weekend entertainment, all that can be figured out just based on bank account or credit card data. It goes even further! Having access to bank account history, you can check who’s expecting a child, who’s getting ready for the wedding, and who’s going on vacation abroad. 

Of course, banks willingly use that kind of information, especially when they have marketing consent from their customers. With marketing automation, you can keep all that information in one place, ready to use during your next marketing campaign, or just to segment users and personalize communication.

Here, two features of our platform come in handy:

  • Contact database management: This feature enables you to keep basic data related to your customers in one transparent database.
  • CDP (Customer Data Platform): This platform collects and integrates data about your customers from many sources, both internal and external. This way, you can collect information coming from advertising campaigns, landing pages, contact forms, social media profiles, and many more sources.

Personalized MA scenarios

There’s no point in offering an enterprise account for a retiree, correct? With marketing automation scenarios, combined with data coming from your customers, you can effectively personalize communication and offer your current and potential users solutions they might actually be interested in (based on their characteristics and previous actions).

Here are a few examples:

  • You have a customer who’s a frequent flyer – offer them an additional travel insurance.
  • Some customer keeps transferring money from another account to the account in your bank – offer them the option to merge these accounts in one dashboard.
  • You have a group of customers who every month transfer some money to their savings account – offer them access to a better interest rate.

That’s what personalized communication is about – you offer financial products that are tailored to who your customers are and what they do. 


Here’s an interesting application of marketing automation scenarios: iPresso’s platform comes with access to external market data. This means, you can tailor your communication to changing market situation, e.g., changing currency exchange rates or inflation. Consequently, if you have a user who keeps some of their savings in Euros, and the exchange rate of this currency is going down, you can send them a personalized message saying something like this:

“Dear Chris, you can now buy Euros for just X PLN. Perhaps it’s a good idea to make some additional savings in this currency? Trade today!”

That’s the essence of personalized communication and the key to selling more financial services!

Multichannel communication

The number of available communication channels is now higher than ever. Customers can talk to their favorite brands and companies through email, phone, chat, social media, mobile apps, and even chatbots and voicebots. 

iPresso gives you an opportunity to automate communication through several common channels:

  • Web and mobile push notifications
  • Emails and newsletters
  • Text messages and WhatsApp

This way, you can stay in touch with your customers through their preferred channels and maximize the efficiency of your communication. In these channels, every message you send can be automated and personalized, so you can also save a lot of time and reach many customers simultaneously.

Rescue abandoned processes

How many times has someone started the process to open a new bank account or apply for a mortgage, but they’ve never finished it? For marketers, every number is too high because it means losing potential customers. According to, the financial sector has one of the highest cart abandonment rates of over 80%:


That’s a huge number that can be decreased through marketing automation. You can use MA scenarios to remind your users about the unfinished process. All you need to do is craft an appropriate message, select the preferred communication channel (push notification, email, text message), and decide when such a message should be sent (e.g., 1 hour after closing the tab with the new bank account subpage).

Such a message should communicate something like this:

“Hello, Mark! Are you still looking for a new bank account? Check our latest offers for new customers. Click here to resume your process instantly.”

Even if you manage to rescue at least a few abandoned processes, that’s a win for your company. Depending on other factors (e.g., the attractiveness of your offer), you can retrieve many abandoned processes, get more clients, and sell additional money services.

Automate your financial company with iPresso

We hope that the solutions outlined in this post will help you improve your everyday work. But we can do much more! First off, take a look at the whole list of available features. Perhaps you will find something that will be useful in your company.

Secondly, we encourage you to take a look at our website for financial companies. It will tell you more about what we can offer your company. Inside, you also can fill in the contact form and order a quick meeting with one of our experts. We encourage you to do so!

See you at the meeting!

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