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Marketing 101 with iPresso

Marketing 101 with iPresso

Has your marketing adventure just begun? Or maybe you’ve started a new business recently, and you want it to flourish online and attract more and more customers? Whatever the case, you should master the basics of...

martech stack

How to succeed with your martech stack

The martech stack can be a vital help in your everyday work. However, to make it effective, you must stick to five crucial elements. As it happens, adding new tools or optimizing your martech stack is not necessarily...

Loyalization in ecommerce

How to attain loyalty and engagement in e-commerce?

E-commerce is a difficult and demanding sector, especially if you’ve just started. Customers’ expectations seem never to end, and the competition is always at your heels. In such a challenging environment, the best...


MarTech solutions need to be better

That’s the main conclusion from the recent 2022 MarTech Replacement Survey report. Marketers working with the martech stack are looking for products offering better features, including enhanced integration capabilities...