Do you want 95% open rate? Try iPresso and WhatsApp!

Earlier this year, we announced a new integration in our marketing automation platform. Yes, now iPresso can be integrated with WhatsApp, and that’s great news for many companies. What’s important, though, is that with our integration, you can automate WhatsApp communication but also increase open rates (up to 95%!). How so? Let’s have a look.

Today, WhatsApp is one of the most important communication tools. With a user base exceeding 2 billion users and availability in over 180 countries, it’s your must-have tool, especially if you operate internationally.

WhatsApp = high open rates. Why?

The answer to this question lies in the way WhatsApp is used. This tool is actually very versatile, and the majority of customers use it to stay in touch with friends and family. Of course, there’s some scam going on, but this tool is generally safe and effective. WhatsApp comes in handy, especially when it comes to staying in touch with people close to you who live abroad.

That’s why when the phone chimes and displays a small WhatsApp icon on the screen, the majority of users WILL check the incoming message. The majority of them will do it rather quickly, too. No surprise this communication channel enjoys high ORs (open rates). Even WhatsApp claims their open rates revolve around 98%.

How to increase open rates on WhatsApp

If you use WhatsApp for marketing or sales purposes, you surely want to increase user engagement and get as high open rates as possible. We’ve made a list of four elements you ought to consider to achieve this goal:

Direct ads to WhatsApp

If you’re promoting your services/products on Facebook or Instagram (just like these platforms, WhatsApp is owned by Meta), you can set your ads to lead directly to your WhatsApp channel. It’s a great way to engage users, especially those who are potentially interested in becoming your customers.

Enrich your messages

WhatsApp is a media-rich tool. You can communicate with your customers using text, emojis, GIFs, animations, images, and videos. You are even free to create interactive messages with polls, buttons, and lists! Add some of these elements into the mix. The majority of your users are visual learners, and they respond better to visual content.

Automate messaging

WhatsApp Business gives you an opportunity to set up an automated welcome message, but when you integrate this tool with our platform, you have far more options. In fact, you can even create whole communication scenarios leading from the beginning of the conversation to its very end. A WhatsApp channel that’s integrated with iPresso can even react to specific actions taken by your customers. For example, you can set up a rule saying that everyone who purchases something at your store should get a parcel tracking link directly to their WhatsApp within 5 minutes after placing an order.

Talk to your customers in real time

Probably that’s the best way to give your ORs a boost. You could add an option to schedule a conversation with one of your agents via WhatsApp to your website. You can do the same with your social media channels, as well as your ads. As a result, your customers get the option to pick the best time and date to talk about your products or services. And since we’re talking about real-time conversation, they will see and respond to your messages almost immediately.

How to integrate WhatsApp with iPresso

Now, let’s say a few words about the integration itself. For starters, you need WABA – WhatsApp Business Account. Secondly, you need a phone number that’s integrated with Vonage (it’s a tool offering a unified communications platform, i.a., for WhatsApp). Don’t worry, though; you can do so within iPresso’s dashboard.

After configuring your WhatsApp Business Account and setting up Vonage integration, you can proceed to the next step. Go to your customer panel and enable WhatsApp integration. All the data iPresso requires can be downloaded from your WhatsApp account. If everything is set up correctly, you should be able to start working on your conversation templates.

We discussed this question thoroughly in our Help Center. Go there if you need any additional information.

WhatsApp campaign creator studio

Once you are integrated with iPresso, you can start working on your WhatsApp marketing campaigns and messaging. And we have good news for you! With us, you have access to an intuitive campaign creator enabling you to design diverse and interactive campaigns, even if you don’t know anything about coding. Take a look at how our creator looks:

It’s all based on an intuitive drag-and-drop feature and selecting the right options and configuration. You can also see the end result in a small preview box on the right. With our configurator, you can create effective WhatsApp campaigns in a matter of minutes!

If that’s your first time with our dashboard, we invite you to start with our guide on how to create WhatsApp campaigns. Even though the panel is easy to use, there are many options in there, and our guide will help you make the most of them. It guides you step-by-step through the creation process so that you don’t have to worry about skipping some important steps or configuring your campaign in the wrong way.

Wrapping up

If you communicate with your users/customers using their phone numbers, consider switching to WhatsApp. This tool is more versatile and effective compared to standard text messages. Plus, it’s your obvious solution if you have customers in more than one country.

We encourage you to integrate your WhatsApp Business Account with iPresso. You will get immediate access to dozens of automation, personalization, and customization options so that your campaigns are not just well-designed but also effective when it comes to open rates and driving engagement among your customers.

Do you want to know more? We encourage you to start with free trial access to our platform. After all, iPresso is so much more than just WhatsApp! And if you need to know more, our team is always ready to assist you with your questions.

See you soon!

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