Marketing Automation for marketing agencies

Marketing agencies support their clients in many aspects of digital marketing – from PR to social media management and performance marketing. It’s no mystery that in many cases and services provided for those clients, marketing automation can be extremely helpful. That’s why we decided to gather all the crucial features available within our platform and show you how to use them to help your clients.

Marketing Automation scenarios

That’s possibly the most versatile tool in our offer. With MA scenarios, you can design whole pipelines and communication flows dependent on actions taken by customers. MA scenarios can be used to:

  • Sell more products
  • Rescue abandoned carts
  • Distribute promo codes and vouchers
  • Engage in communication using different channels (e.g., email, SMS, and push notifications)

MA scenarios enable you to design the whole communication between your client and their customers, including used channels and reactions from the brand. This way, you can direct your customers to a desired outcome, e.g., downloading a lead magnet or placing an order.

Communication with customers

Today, there is a whole list of available communication channels your clients can use to reach their customers. At iPresso, we help you automate the following channels for your clients:

  • Email marketing: iPresso offers dozens of email templates that can be used to create compelling promotional emails and newsletters. We also offer personalization and A/B tests so that you can make the most of this channel. 
  • SMS marketing: If your clients communicate with customers via mobile phones, SMS marketing is right up your alley. You can use SMS messages for marketing and authorization purposes. All you have to do is set up an automatic script in your campaign.
  • Push notifications: These little messages can be very effective as they show up both on desktop and mobile devices. “Pushes” are useful when it comes to distributing promo codes, informing about new products in the offer, and even rescuing abandoned carts.


As a marketing agency, you surely are responsible for managing multiple tools and channels for your clients. Perhaps you run Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns for them. Or your client wants to benefit from new communication channels, such as WhatsApp

Whatever the case, integrations are extremely useful in the marketing world. You can use them to combine multiple tools and platforms under one roof. This creates the effect of synergy – all these tools working together on the same data are more effective compared to independent functioning.

Additionally, iPresso can be easily integrated with a whole list of marketing and e-commerce platforms. In our Help Center, you will find the whole list of available integrations. Here, let us just say that iPresso works brilliantly with:

  • WooCommerce
  • IdoSell
  • PrestaShop
  • Zapier
  • Survicate


No matter what kind of business your client runs, personalization can help them increase sales and UX. Here at iPresso, we understand the value of this technique, and that’s why two of our features are all about personalizing your client’s offer:

  • Recommendation frames: you can use them to showcase products and services directly via the feed on your client’s website. Recommendation frames use our CDP (Customer Data Platform) to get information about customers in the form of attributes and actions and use it to personalize recommendations.
  • Content automation: The name is pretty much self-explanatory. This feature adjusts the content on your client’s website to showcase things that are most likely to resonate with a given person.

Marketing analytics

Measuring results is a vital part of every marketing campaign. This is what we offer, and not just when it comes to marketing activities conducted via iPresso. Our platform integrates data from a number of sources and can be integrated with Google Analytics. This means that you don’t have to use multiple tools to track results and report them to your client. Everything can be done within one transparent dashboard!


Frequently, creating a new marketing strategy starts with the design of personas, i.e., semi-fictional representations of a typical or ideal customer of a given company. This is an important element of creating customer journeys, which we talk about a lot in other posts on our blog. With the help of iPresso, you can easily describe and design the profile of your ideal customer. We give you access to a simple editor, as well as the ability to create multiple personas for different brands you work with.


iPresso offers great help for everyone who wants to conduct marketing campaigns. Whether you are a company with an in-house marketing department or a marketing agency working for other companies, iPresso can help you (and your clients) up your marketing game.

In this post, we mentioned just the most apparent features and solutions that marketing agencies can use to support their clients. But there’s more! Go to our list of features and discover other options available within iPresso. Perhaps you will come up with more possible applications!

Where should you start? With a free trial, of course! Just send this short form, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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