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What is UTM?

What is UTM?

Marketing makes no sense without analytics. When doing any promotional campaigns, it's a good idea to monitor inputs and other activities on the website. With the help of UTM tags, you can identify traffic from external sources. Is it worth betting on UTM? What are the types of UTM parameters? What are the benefits of using UTM parameters? Here we go.

How Marketing Automation can help you with content automation

Why do you need content automation?

Tailoring your ads, newsletters, and website content to specific visitors enables you to create a much better UX (user experience) and close more deals. With iPresso’s help, you can automate the content you display to your users and potential customers. Let’s have a look at what options you have at your disposal.

What is whisper marketing and how to use it

What is whisper marketing?

The goal of whisper marketing is to generate a relevant message that will reach a predefined audience. The more whisper marketing resembles participation in a direct discussion or a story told with a twist - the better it works.

What is CTA and how can it help in your marketing

What is a CTA?

Any (reasonable) marketer will agree that CTA is of great importance. It's one of the best tools for generating leads, or, in effect, growing your business. However, it still happens that the placement of a CTA is forgotten. Let's talk about how to write a catchy CTA and increase the effectiveness of ads.

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