How marketing automation can increase conversions in the financial sector

Every sector can benefit from increased conversions, but this question is especially important in sectors such as finance and banking, where customer’s LTV can be counted in years. That’s why bank marketers, insurers, and loan/investment companies are continually looking for ways to increase conversions and grow their business this way. And that’s what we want to discuss today.

Whether you run marketing for a mortgage broker, for a bank, or for an insurance company, you can use marketing automation to drive more conversions in your business (sign-ups, contact forms sent, bank accounts opened, insurance policies sold, etc.). As a result, you can significantly increase your company’s stability and profitability.

In the financial sector, a 5% increase in customer retention can translate into a 25%-100% upsurge in profit. This means that even small tweaks and automations can make your business enter a whole new level of growth!

But how exactly can marketing automation streamline your work and supercharge your results? Let’s have a look!

Benefit from multichannel communication with clients and prospects

Making financial decisions, especially when it comes to long-term commitment, such as a mortgage, a loan, or insurance, requires a lot of consideration on the customer’s side. You must be prepared that many customers will not make those decisions hastily; many will want to gather more information before signing up with a specific company.

At this consideration stage, it’s vital to stay in touch with your potential customers. Financial institutions can gain trust by showing that they are trustworthy and reliable. You can prove that, e.g., by keeping all the deadlines and terms that you agreed to with your prospects. Marketing automation will help you keep all the important customer data in one place and provide prospects with timely communication using different channels. 

iPresso can support you with customer communication that utilizes:

  • WhatsApp and text messages
  • Email marketing
  • Push notifications

As a result, you can stay in touch with your audience using different communication channels. When your customers are at the computer, you can send them a personalized push notification marketing your latest special offer. And when they are offline, you can send them a text message, e.g., with a reminder about the documentation they were supposed to send your way.

This way, you can keep the communication open and your customers – engaged. Naturally, you shouldn’t go overboard – flooding customers with marketing offers and messages can discourage them from doing any business with you, so you must maintain a delicate balance not to scare people away.


To streamline the communication with your leads even further, you need one place where you can keep them all in a well-organized manner. Our customer data platform allows you to store all the relevant customer information in one place, along with all the relevant attributes and details about each customer. Our CDP enables you to store behavioral data (activities, behavior) and transactional data (e.g., about purchases) and then use it for marketing and sales purposes.

Marketing automation scenarios for the financial sector

MA scenarios are also incredibly useful, primarily because they allow you to plan the whole communication with every prospect based on their activity or the channel they came through to your company.

Marketing automation scenarios pretty much do the whole work for you; all you need to do is create them and let them run. Take a look at this short example showing how marketing automation scenarios can work in an insurance company:

  1. Initial Contact: A prospect visits your website and downloads your lead magnet (a retirement planning guide) in exchange for their email address.
  2. Welcome Email: An automated email is sent to this prospect, thanking them for downloading the guide and offering additional resources on retirement planning.
  3. Lead-warming emails: The lead is enrolled in an email series that delivers informative content about retirement planning, such as articles, infographics, and case studies.
  4. Personalized consultation Invitation: After engaging with the educational series, the lead receives a personalized invitation to schedule a consultation with a financial advisor for further assistance.

This shows how MA scenarios can be used to automate and streamline your everyday work. All you need to do is create all those emails and invitations, and then you can set the scenario and let it run every time someone downloads a lead magnet from your website.

If you want, you can also shorten this customer journey, and go straight for the consultation or another action you want your leads to take, it all depends on your marketing strategy; MA scenarios are very flexible.

Increase conversions directly on the website

Some conversions in the financial sector take time, but some can be done via the website alone. This is where our recommendation frames step in the game. With them, you can provide personalized content and product recommendations to your website visitors based on their interests and previous activity. So, for instance, if you have a customer who is interested in life or health insurance (and you know this because they’ve read a blog article explaining the intricacies of both types of insurance), recommendations frames can provide them with personalized life insurance offers.

And the best part? There’s no involvement on your side necessary! Recommendation frames use AI to analyze your customers’ activity and offer them relevant items based on their findings. As a result, your website works as a super-effective sales person who’s active 24/7, all year round.

And yes, that’s true; you probably won’t sell a million-dollar mortgage using just recommendation frames, but they can work brilliantly especially when it comes to cheaper financial products that don’t require lengthy analysis or comparing available options. The premise is very simple – the customer sees something that’s tailored to their needs and makes a buying/marketing decision on the spot. Would it be helpful to your business? Undoubtedly!

Wrapping up: Make the most of each lead in your company

We’ve shown you several solutions that can give conversions in your financial company a boost. The goal is to increase conversions without the need to invest more time on your side – everything happens automatically.

If you’d like to give iPresso a shot, we’re at your service. In fact, finance is one of the major sectors that we work with and we have some tools and solutions that are tailor-made to accommodate your needs. And don’t worry – we meet all the safety requirements; iPresso is GDPR-compliant and we have ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications to ensure the full security of your company’s and your customer’s data.

If you’d like to know more, we invite you to start with a free trial access. You can use our platform with no strings attached for 30 days – go here to get access!

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