Marketing automation in FMCG sector

If you run an FMCG company, you surely want to reach your customers effectively, both in offline and online channels. The fact is, with marketing automation, you can do so more effectively. In this post, we will show you how to benefit from marketing automation in the FMCG industry.

FMCG is one of the most demanding sectors out there. For starters, in order to succeed, you need a big-scale business since the products you’re offering don’t cost much. Selling one candy bar won’t make a difference. Selling 10,000 of them will.

As a result, FMCG companies usually use multiple sales and distribution channels, including:

  • Brick-and-mortar stores
  • Wholesalers
  • Online stores (especially for bulk sales)
  • Vending machine operators
  • Special marketing events and more

Going far and wide with your offer is the only way to go. With that in mind, marketing automation can help you with reaching customers using different channels and integrating their experiences (a crucial element of the omnichannel model). Automating everyday operations can also come in handy.

Now, let’s see how marketing automation can help you when running an FMCG company. 

Stay in touch with customers using different communication channels

Let’s start with online channels. Suppose you run an online store. Surely, you want to have the opportunity to easily manage your customer database. This is where our CDP (Customer Data Platform) steps into play. With this feature, you can collect, store, manage, and even give access to all the customer information your company processes. 

Thanks to CDP, you don’t have to depend on third-party cookies – everything you need to know about your customers is within your reach. A CDP is also a good introduction to personalization and segmentation – two marketing techniques that really make a difference in digital marketing.

Read more about a CDP for your business.

Once you have all the customer data in place, you can use it to stay in touch with them. iPresso enables you to use several communication channels, including:

You can also benefit from whole communication scenarios, where your company sends automated replies to queries or actions taken by your customers, just like in this example:

Automated communication, when mixed with personalization and customer segmentation, can be far more effective compared to the majority of mass communication forms, such as ATL and BTL.

Provide omnichannel experiences

Omnichannel in retails is an absolute foundation of every successful marketing and sales campaign. Marketing automation can help you integrate both online and offline experiences, depending on what channel is more effective in a given situation.

For instance, FMCG companies can use marketing automation to reach customers who are in close vicinity to their stores and encourage them to pop by and try the new product. Moreover, iPresso can help you adjust your marketing messaging based on each customer’s location and even weather conditions

Depending on the type of customer data you possess, you can think of even more opportunities to integrate offline and online experiences to create one unified UX for all customers. In fact, iPresso can help you benefit from data originating with almost any publicly available data source. So, if you want to adjust your communication to, say, the current inflation rate – you can do so.

Of course, you can use multiple tools available on our platform and use them together. For instance, iPresso Satellite can be teamed with marketing automation scenarios so that you can not only reach a customer but also engage in communication with them and encourage them to:

  • Try a new product
  • Place an order online
  • Try a new recipe on your website
  • Visit your social media profile
  • And more.

Other marketing activities

Of course, when it comes to marketing automation in FMCG, there’s more. Think of typical marketing initiatives your company pursues, such as distributing vouchers and product samples, directing traffic to specific brick-and-mortar stores, organizing special events (e.g., in shopping malls), running customer loyalty programs, or even integrating marketing campaigns with the production line (e.g., by creating limited product lines or printing unique promo codes for each product). All these things can be automated (at least partly) with iPresso!

The truth is our platform is very versatile and can help you conduct and automate dozens of different marketing and sales-related initiatives. Take a look at the full list of our platform’s features – perhaps you will find inspiration to come up with a brand-new idea for your company’s marketing!

And lastly, marketing automation comes in handy concerning marketing analytics. With our platform, you can analyze the performance of each campaign and keep all the relevant data in one place. As a result, you know what you should focus on to drive sales and customer engagement.

Wrapping up: Use marketing automation in your FMCG company

Although marketing automation is not something many people associate with FMCG, the truth is it can be your company’s secret weapon enabling you to:

  • Sell more products
  • Engage with customers on a more personalized level 
  • Automate everyday operations
  • Keep tabs on your marketing results

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? If so, we invite you to start with our subpage for FMCG companies. It’s a special market sector for which we offer the Enterprise version of our platform. This also means that you get to tailor our platforms specifically to your needs so that everything works the way you want. Naturally, this is something we’re happy to help you with, especially at the beginning of our cooperation.

What should be your next step? Go to the linked subpage, and send us a brief or a contact form (you will find both options at the end of this landing page). We’ll take it from there!

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