Marketing Automation in the Media and Entertainment industry

Media and entertainment is a challenging market sectors. Users require good content and personalized recommendations of shows and movies. Keeping users engaged can be tricky, though. Thankfully, you can adopt marketing automation to reach users more effectively and provide them with personalized recommendations.

The video streaming industry is continually growing. According to the website, it is projected to reach $115bn revenue in 2026:

On the other hand, this industry is extremely challenging. The number of entertainment platforms is growing every year, and the biggest players invest hundreds of millions of dollars in creating engaging and high-quality content, including series, documentaries, shows, and movies. 

Obviously, you need every help to build and grow your entertainment platform. And this is where the role of marketing automation begins. In fact, our solution iPresso M&E is the only such integrated Marketing Automation platform on the market that supports communication for VOD distribution channels, satellite TV, SmartTV content, www and mobile.satellite, SmartTV, WWW, and mobile content.

What does our offer consist of?

Personalized recommendations and communication

This is an absolute must-have in this sector. That’s the secret behind the success of such platforms as Player or Netflix. Your viewers expect movie and series recommendations that are tailored to their interests. If you don’t provide them with them, they will soon go elsewhere.

With our platform, you can show not only new programs and movies to your target audience but also:

  • Inform about the release of a new season
  • Offer special shows for specific occasions (e.g., romantic movies for Valentine’s Day)
  • Recommend documentaries related to recently watched series/movie
  • Inform about the end of the billing period
  • Display personalized pop-ups on SmartTV
  • And more!

All these recommendations and communication can be provided using different channels:

  • Emails
  • Web/mobile push notifications
  • Notifications displayed directly in the player
  • Notifications on the VOD platform

Knowledge about customers and the customer journey

There can be no personalized communication if you don’t gather enough data about your customers. We are happy to help you with this, too! With iPresso, you have access to IT solutions enabling you to store and analyze data about your customers (here, we primarily mean a CDP, contact database management, and user segmentation).

You can use all these tools to collect information about your viewers and provide them with recommendations tailored to their user profile and interests. iPresso M&E allows you to work on people and segments, build customer paths and manage their life cycle, frequency of communication, and administer databases of many product segments in one place.

For example, you can set MA scenarios for different situations. Let’s say your viewer has just finished watching a specific series. You can send them a notification about the next show they can watch immediately after the end of the last episode. Or you can give them the opportunity to sign up for information as soon as the next season is released.

Example of Marketing Automation scenario in iPresso

This way, you can ensure the effectiveness of your communications, which, in turn, results in:

  • A better UX
  • Higher engagement
  • Customer loyalty

Stay in touch using different channels

With iPresso, you’re not limited to a specific communication channel. The more contact details of your users you have, the more communication channels you can use. Some of the available communication channels include:

  • Emails and newsletters
  • Push notifications
  • Pop-up ads and on-site communication
  • WhatsApp

This variety of communication channels enables you to maintain communication with your viewers even if they are not watching any movies or don’t even have their TV on.

Building loyalty and expanding the target audience

Word of mouth is a vital source of new leads, also in the entertainment industry. With iPresso, you can loyalize your users and provide them with tools giving access to additional benefits. Here, we mean especially:

  • eCouponing (create print or digital coupons/vouchers and distribute them among your viewers)
  • Bonus points programs (create monetization and loyalty programs enabling your users to access new services or get discounts)
  • Lead nurturing (educate customers to enhance their readiness to buy)

Ever-growing platform

Here at iPresso, we never rest on our laurels. We are continually developing our platform to provide our clients with new useful features, technologies, and tools. Take a look at our current list of features. We can assure you; soon, it will be much broader!

If you’re looking for ways to make the most of your entertainment platform, we encourage you to give iPresso a try! Visit our subpage for media and entertainment companies and fill in the contact form at the bottom of this subpage. We are happy to schedule a non-binding meeting during which you will see how iPresso can improve your everyday work.

See you on the other side of the screen!

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