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If you’re running an online business, e.g., an online store, you surely have multiple data sources and assets to manage. Many of these assets are useful when it comes to communication with your customers (e.g., product data or blog posts). With our Feed Manager, you can manage them effectively and use them to conduct more effective marketing campaigns. Let’s have a look at it.

Put shortly, Feed Manager is one of the functions in our system that enables you to manage multiple data sources, i.e., feeds. These data sources can be used to communicate with your customers through your website, push notifications, and emails/newsletters.

How Feed Manager works

To show you how Feed Manager works, let’s use a quick example. You run an online store, and you want to provide customers with personalized product recommendations. Perhaps you have some customers who sent the request to inform them about the availability of some of the products in your offer. That’s something you can automate using Feed Manager.

The red boxes are filled automatically based on the data you provided in your feed manager. With this tool, you can source product data from your internal system and use it for product recommendations and automated product information you send to your customers. In other words, you don’t need to manually input all the data; Feed Manager does that for you.

Moreover, with Feed Manager, you can:

  • Upload data from different sources (XML files, manually, or from your server)
  • Adjust data’s structure so that it fits in different forms (website boxes, pop-ups, newsletters, push notifications, or text messages)
  • Add additional details and product parameters (so that you can personalize your recommendations based on various criteria)
  • Use different content selection strategies (for example, you can list your products from the cheapest to the most expensive one or select some specific products you wish to recommend).

Additionally, Feed Manager allows you to manage your products in multiple ways. You can view them as a paginated or sorted list (with a search engine) and search and sort them based on their characteristics and IDs. Feed Manager enables you to use

  • Text fields and links
  • Numeric fields
  • Single-choice, multiple-choice, or true/false lists
  • Date and time fields

Although Feed Manager was designed mostly with products in mind, you can use it to recommend services, features, and even pieces of content, for instance, the latest market news or interesting blog posts.

The benefits of using Feed Manager

With this tool, you can:

  • Save time on sending product recommendations
  • Automate data retrieval
  • Standardize product and content data across different platforms and applications
  • Use product and content recommendations in every communication channel you use
  • Easily manage multiple data sources in your company
  • Create content tailored to the needs of different users/groups

Try Feed Manager

Whether you run an online store or a different type of online business, Feed Manager can help you make your everyday work more effective. It’s a standard feature in our platform, available even for users of the Basic version. If you want to know more about Feed Manager and how exactly this tool works, take a look at our help center.

The next step is to apply for a free trial period. We hope you will enjoy using our platform!

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