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Last time, we showed you the Basic version of our platform. We understand, though, that it can be insufficient for many large companies, especially in such sectors as banking and FMCG. If you’re after a truly enterprise-grade MA solution, iPresso Enterprise is your best bet. What should you know about this version of our platform?

The fact is that we recommend iPresso Basic for every company that wants to give this technology a try. The reason is apparent – iPresso Basic is easier to implement and simply cheaper, as it’s based on a set of ready-made services and features. Getting iPresso Basic up and running is a matter of just a few hours.

However, this version comes with some limitations that can be insufficient for large enterprises. And this is where iPresso Enterprise saves the day. Let’s have a closer look at this platform.

Basic vs. Enterprise – differences

First of all, Enterprise has no specific limits set. Each Enterprise platform is tailor-made for a given client meaning you don’t have to worry about the number of customers in your database or the number of emails you send every day or month. The platform is tailored to your business profile and expectations and comes with one price for the whole system.


Not every feature available on our website is accessible from the Basic version. If you want to integrate our system with WhatsApp or Google Ads, you need to opt for the Enterprise version. Moreover, other features may have some additional options.


If you use the Basic version of our platform, you have access to our Help Center and numerous video tutorials on our YouTube channel. Understandably, that’s not always enough, especially when you want to do something non-standard.

That’s why every Enterprise client gets a dedicated support team that’s always ready to assist with potential problems or answer non-standard questions. Our team is also happy to guide you through the intricacies of our platform and help you make the most of every feature in our offer.

Additionally, with Enterprise, we guarantee the quality of services provided (SLA agreement), including the availability of the system and support based on procedures ensuring safe use.

Discover other benefits of the Enterprise version

iPresso Enterprise comes with additional benefits that make using this platform safer, faster, and easier:

  • Safety: Enjoy high level of security on multiple levels and advanced procedures for access control. Enterprise meets security management standards (ISO 27001) and is compliant with GDPR.
  • Code modifications and updates: Enterprise is open to developing your own unique solutions and ideas based on the possibilities of our platform. Plus, we ensure continuous development of the platform, which includes new functionalities, tools, and integrations.
  • Easy workflow management: iPresso Enterprise enables managing access and permissions depending on the role and team. If you want, you can set performing specific operations only after prior approval.

In short, we can say that iPresso Enterprise is your personal martech stack that adjusts to your company and grows with it.

For what companies is iPresso Enterprise?

We can shortly say that for every company that needs access to a fully-functional marketing automation platform without worrying about capacity and monthly limits. Currently, we have dedicated versions of iPresso Enterprise for six industries:


Put shortly, this platform helps banks, insurers, and other financial institutions in managing the automation of marketing and sales and internal processes. We invite you to read more about our solutions for the financial sector on our blog.


Companies in the FMCG sector use our platform primarily concerning designing top-notch shopping and promotional experiences for their customers, including personalization and tailor-made communication based on both online and offline channels. Do you want to know more? See how our platform helps FMCG companies solve five of the most pressing challenges they face every day.


Nowadays, the e-commerce industry is challenging and incredibly competitive. Use our platform to build long-lasting relationships with your customers and put all the available data to work (including your customers’ behavioral profiles, their interests, and previous purchases). Do you run an online store? We can help you make your business even more profitable! Read on our blog how iPresso Enterprise helps online stores.


The global streaming market will only grow, and you need to keep up with your competition. With our help, your media/entertainment company can benefit from advanced integration of tools enabling you to offer personalized messages for your VOD distribution channels, satellite TV, and Smart TV. Read more on how media companies use iPresso.


When COVID-19 came, travel companies took the biggest hit. Today, thankfully, the travel industry is gaining traction again, but companies in this sector surely need good marketing. We offer you a customized version of the system for the tourism industry. It’s perfect for travel agencies, travel companies, airlines and hotels. Benefit from easier communication that enables a stronger relationship with your customers. Read more about how iPresso helps companies in the travel industry.


Today, education is more and more often online. E-learning and blended learning enables language schools, universities, and other educational institutions educate people all over the world. We understand the needs of educational companies and it’s visible in the way our platform is built. Would you like to find out more? Find out more on here!

How to start using iPresso Enterprise

As we mentioned earlier, iPresso Enterprise is tailor-made for every company, meaning there is no universal version we can show every interested client. The Basic version comes with such an offer, though. If you’d like to see iPresso in action, start your free trial here.

If you want to skip this part and go straight to the Enterprise version, please fill in this brief and give us some additional information about your company. It will help us prepare a personalized offer for your business. Once we agree on all the details, you will get access to your own marketing automation platform made with just your company in mind. 

We’re waiting for your message!

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