New report: The future of personalized marketing

Moengage, a customer engagement platform, has just published a report, “Future of Marketing: Why Personalization Matters”. The company surveyed 100 senior-level marketing executives who shared their opinions on the current state of their own personalized marketing.

According to this report, three of the most significant barriers to successful marketing personalization are:

  • Budget limitations or a lack of resources (64%)
  • Lack of visibility and actionable data (41%)
  • Inability to move fast and personalize campaigns (40%)

The authors of the report also asked about the most common martech solutions. Here are the answers:

  • Email marketing: 66.3% of answers
  • Marketing automation: 56.7%
  • Customer data management: 54.8%
  • Personalization: 50%
  • Multichannel customer engagement: 46.2%
  • Mobile marketing: 37.5%
  • Artificial intelligence: 32.7%

Moreover, 51% of surveyed marketers want to invest more in marketing technology in the coming year to help personalize their customer’s experience. Read more about this report here.

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