Is interactive content the next big thing in content marketing?

Yes, at least according to Sara R. Moulton, Head of Content at Playable. She claims that interactive content can help marketers drive more concentrated customer engagement. So, let’s have a look at what interactive content actually is.

In general, interactive content is always active, not static, which means it can adjust to a specific reader and their needs or interests. According to Sara Moulton, interactive content can generate greater involvement and more intense engagement. Content marketing becomes a two-way interaction rather than a one-sided approach. As a result, you can reach readers (users, customers) more effectively by personalizing their experiences and giving them the knowledge they’re after.
Interestingly, we have had interactive content in our offer for some time now. Take a look at our content automation offer. One of the things we offer is automatic adaptation of appearance to the website and elements personalizing the content individually for each visitor. Sounds interesting? Take a look at the linked website for details!

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