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How to avoid content gap

What is content gap?

By "tolerating" the existence of a content gap in your content, you increase the risk of losing potential leads - people who could otherwise become loyal, returning customers. How to avoid the content gap, what does this term mean and how can Marketing Automation help with it?

What is content marketing and how to create good content

What is content marketing and how to create valuable content?

The marketing world is rushing forward. Competition is growing like mushrooms. Recipients have seen almost everything. How to reach the target audience with something new? How to stand out? An effective help will be content marketing, which uses valuable content to attract attention and build better brand awareness. Faced with this, how to create content marketing that is effective? How do you build an image as an expert in your industry?

What is context-based marketing? Try it with iPresso!

What is context-based marketing?

On our blog, we frequently mention that personalization is all about reaching the right customer with the right message at the right time. Context-based marketing (sometimes referred to as contextual marketing) has the same goal. Let’s have a closer look at what this technique has to offer.

Content recycling

Content recycling – give your texts a new life

Do you have blog posts or other texts that you feel are really good? Maybe they get many views, even months after publishing, or they rank high on Google or attract many new clients to your company. Whatever the reason you value a given text, it’s worth thinking about recycling or repurposing it. This way,...


SEO in content marketing – what to consider?

Nowadays, these two disciplines – SEO and content marketing – go hand in hand when it comes to online promotion and the visibility of your website. We could even say that content marketing is one of the crucial SEO techniques. But to make it effective, it has to take SEO requirements into account. And that’s...