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The time of relationship marketing has come

Relationship marketing

The experts agree 2022 is the year of relationship marketing. People look for in-depth, personalized customer experiences and they want to engage in communication with brands using multiple channels. As Tim Glomb from Cheetah Digital puts it: “People want to have a voice. They want to be recognized, and they want to be given recognition for their allegiance and loyalty to brands.”

The solution is obvious – marketers need strategies and tools that will enable them to get closer to their customers and do that at a scale. This means that brands will soon have to concentrate on:

  • First-party data strategy to power their advertising and marketing initiatives
  • Customized loyalty programs where customers feel like a part of the community and are heard
  • Personalized emails that go beyond just a first name in a database

All in all – everything that will enable people to feel taken care of and heard. Today, if you want to succeed, you have to build strong relations with your users/customers.

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