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MarTech solutions need to be better


That’s the main conclusion from the recent 2022 MarTech Replacement Survey report. Marketers working with the martech stack are looking for products offering better features, including enhanced integration capabilities (54% answers) and more data centralization options (50%).

Other elements that are important to modern marketers comprise the ability to measure ROI (50% answers), improved customer experience (47%), and cost efficiency (45%). Tech support, compliance, and security were also listed as potential reasons, although they all got less than 35% of answers. 

Why are we continually looking for improved martech solutions? Primarily because martech has ceased to be a nice-to-have option. Today, martech stack is at the very center of marketing. It determines what marketing departments can achieve, defines viable marketing strategies, and creates the conditions for success. Therefore, it has to be of the highest quality. That’s why we continually work on and develop our system – so that it grows along with our clients’ expectations.

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