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Email marketing as popular as ever, but many retailers don’t know how to personalize

Though the number of global email users is forecast to reach 2.7 billion in 2016 and over 215 billion emails will be sent and received every day, a recent Yesmail survey revealed that retailers do not always know how to take adventage of this effective channel.

  • Nearly a third of retailers indicated that integrating email with other digital channels is a top three email marketing priority for 2016.
  • 60% of retailers are integrating email with social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, but just 36% use social media to improve the relevance of their email campaigns.
  • 17% of retailers still fail to secure website visitors’ email addresses.
  • Almost half of retailers do not collect email addresses via social media or in-store, and over two-thirds of retailers do not collect consumers’ email addresses when they interact with mobile apps.
  • 64% of brands do not personalize email copy, and over two-thirds do not use customer data to personalize the products and services featured in an email.
  • 10% of brands do not personalize their emails in any way.
  • 40% of retailers do not use consumers’ purchase data to make emails more relevant, and 50% do not use demographic data to improve message relevance.
  • 22% of brands do not implement welcome campaigns to engage new subscribers, and 43% do not use reactivation campaigns to reengage lapsed or inactive subscribers.
  • Of the 39% of retailers not integrating email with social media, twothirds of those currently use both channels, separately.
  • While 84% of retailers are sending coupons or other promotions via email, over a third do not allow customers to redeem email-based promo codes by simply scanning the code or entering it at the point of sale.

Michał Pasternak

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