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Convergence of Marketing Automation and proximity marketing. How does it work?

Integration of Marketing Automation with capabilities of proximity marketing allows for efficient combination of digital marketing campaigns with communication in a brick-and-mortar shop.

Proximity marketing is the localized transmission of advertising content associated with a particular place. Such messages may be received by customers who are in the store at a given moment and have a necessary portable device, such as a smartphone. It allows marketers to reach clients with the right offer at an appropriate moment.

Thanks to the integration of Marketing Automation with proximity marketing, personalized content sent to the customer may be based on the data collected by the MA system.

This approach is in line with the philosophy of Marketing 360, which consists of the integration of activities in variety of channels – online, mobile and offline.

How does it work?

Let’s look at an example:



1) A client enters a store with a proper mobile app installed on his smartphone.

2) He receives a personalized information about current offers on products which he had earlier viewed on the store’s website.

3) He comes up to the shelf and puts the product into his cart.

4) He receives another message informing him about the number of collected loyalty program points and the possibility of doubling them if he buys an additional product.

5) He decides to benefit from this offer and takes the additional product from the shelf.

The system gathers information about the traits and behavior of a person (eg. subpages they visited) and their prior purchases. This allows the app to instantly find out what a customer is looking for and to inform them about the most advantageous offers tailored to his expectations.

This solution provides full integration of marketing and sales activities carried out via online, mobile and offline channels. It enables marketers to reach the customers in real time at every possible touchpoint, which translates into an increase in the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and sales growth.

Michał Pasternak

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