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Automated marketing scenarios relieve marketers of repetitive tasks

Marketing Automation scenarios aim to make marketers’ work more efficient by using data gathered in the system to design personalized communications with leads and customers.

MA scenarios let marketers build communication paths they would hardly be able to create without the system.

Taking repetitive tasks out of marketers hands and allowing them to focus on new or more exciting projects is the main benefit of Marketing Automation (according to 36% of marketers that have adopted MA, source: Redeye and TFM&A Insights).

Let’s look at the example of a company specializing in selling healthy and ecological food that wants to run campaigns based on sending advice and expertise to people interested in this subject.

The first step in creating the scenario would consist in filling out a contact form on the company’s website.


When a visitor fills out the form, his or her data is sent into the Marketing Automation system’s database and an appropriate tag is assigned to them.

The next step in the scenario may consist in sending out a round of e-mails containing pieces of advice and information on healthy food to the tagged contacts.

Thanks to Delay blocks in the scenarios the e-mails may be sent at any desired interval of time – e.g. every recipient may receive an e-mail weekly, starting on the day of filling out the form.

Marketers don’t have to remember to send e-mails targeting appropriate groups of contacts on specific dates, because the whole process is carried out automatically!

Moreover, the scenario may be extended to include additional fields related e.g. to clicks on certain links contained in the e-mail. This would allow to adjust the messages to recipients’ interests in particular topics.

Michał Pasternak

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