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How Marketing Automation helps to save time and focus on strategy – reports

How Marketing Automation helps to save time and focus on strategy – reports

Reports are one of the features of a Marketing Automation system that help marketers to save time and focus on strategy. They provide access to the results of campaigns, allow marketers to track the progress of their goals in real time and show contacts’ attributes and traits in a comprehensive way.

Some of the most important reports accessible in Marketing Automation are demographic structure, KPIs and campaign reports.

Demographic structure 

Marketing Automation systems provide reports on the traits and behaviors of contacts’ included in the database.

demographic structure

It generates data charts of all information about actions performed by a given group of contacts or in relation to them – form the very beginning of an action and through all the paths possible to monitor in the system, taking into account number of the contacts going through each of them.

The system provides accurate tools for defining relations between different groups of contacts gathered in the database, taking into account their behaviors and history of their activities. The results may be obtained in real time and include unlimited amount of data about the contacts.

Key Performance Indicators

Marketing Automation systems allow marketers to define, measure and analyse key performance indicators based on the data collected by the system itself (e.g. opened emails, clicked links), as well as on the information delivered by external systems and services integrated with iPresso. This includes such data as Facebook profile statistics or Google Analytics’ website statistics.


This feature provides ability to compare levels of goal realization over a period of time and in relation to such specific data as number of new contacts, number of opened emails, downloaded files, contacts added via API, visits on a website, unsubscribed contacts and many more information gathered by the system itself or by other integrated solutions.

Email campaign reports

The system allows measuring conversion of deliveries (receiving, reading, clicks on links) and monitoring recipients’ actions to an e-mail.


It gives marketers the ability to display the results of the campaign in the form of a funnels, charts, detailed reports, including the status of recipients.

Such reports may also be generated for sent text and voice messages.

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