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Successful SMS marketing campaigns with iPresso’s advanced SMS PRO feature

SMS campaigns are one of the most effective channels of communication with customers. iPresso provides advanced tools to personalize the content of such a message, define the sender’s name and generate real-time delivery reports. Automated SMS communication is especially useful in cases of delivery of reminders and confirmations concerning e.g.  car service appointments or visits to a dental clinic.

Through personalized and customized SMS messages and reminders, company makes sure that the customer will not miss the appointment or decide at the last moment to choose a competitor. Moreover, such actions help improve customer trust and build long-lasting relationships with clients.

Customers don’t have to worry that they might forget about the visit or wonder if they noted the date of the appointment correctly. They can be sure they will receive an individualized SMS confirming all the necessary details they need to know. Such actions allow companies to build positive image and win customer loyalty.

This kind of communication in especially important for people who do not use email on a regular basis. Thanks to the SMS communication, they will always receive individualized and up-to-date information directly to their phones.

Real-time delivery reports allow marketers to quickly check the effectiveness of their campaigns and carry out further actions to successfully inform their customers about planned meetings or individualized offers.

Michał Pasternak

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