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iPresso’s Integration with Pipedrive, CRM and Pipeline Management Tool

Pipedrive is a leading sales management tool. One of its main features is pipeline management, a clear visual interface that prompts marketers to take action, remain organised and stay in control of a complex sales process. Thanks to the integration, data from pipelines will be sent directly to iPresso, where advanced communication with customers may be carried out.

Pipelines allow companies to develop a clear understanding of their sales momentum and priorities, and refocus efforts accordingly. They are fully customisable to fit unique sales processes: companies may add as many sales stages, team members or activity types as they need.

Information about various customers, their place within a pipeline, and their activities may be sent directly to iPresso’s database.

If a potential customer enters a new stage of the pipeline (e.g. he agrees to hold a meeting with a sales representative), a piece of information about this activity will be automatically sent to iPresso. The Marketing Automation system will then allow advanced lead nurturing scenarios and personalised messages to be carried out in order to encourage the customer to complete the purchase.

Michał Pasternak

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