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1 In 4 Internet Users Read Emails Or Newsletters From Brands

Email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing strategies. According to fresh data from GlobalWebIndex, 23% of internet users globally say they read emails/newsletters from brands.

The data suggests that, despite the growing influence of such new forms of digital communication as social media and video, email marketing is still among the most popular and efficient channels of interaction with customers. There are only two more popular ways of interacting with a brand: visiting a website and watching branded videos.

Email communication is especially popular in North America, where 31% of respondents say they read an email/newsletter from a brand in the past month. In Latin America the figure is 28%, and in Europe 26%.

Globally, people aged 55-64 are the most engaged with this form of marketing, with 31% saying they read email or newsletter last month. This number is falling in the younger groups of users. Among those aged 16-24, 21% said they read such messeges.

The research was based on a survey of 77,814 internet users aged 16-64.


Michał Pasternak

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