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Advanced Link Tracking Features In iPresso

Users of iPresso have been able to track which links their subscribers clicked on in their emails campaigns. Now the link tracking feature is expanded to include other communication channels such as web push notifications, and SMS campaigns.

Email tracking gives marketers the opportunity to build and sustain successful relationships with their potential and current customers. Users of iPresso have been able not only to measure delivery and open rates of their email campaigns – link tracking has also been an important measure used to report the effectiveness of those efforts.

Now users of iPresso can utilize advanced link tracking available in every communication channel in the system.

Link tracking is available, among others channels, in SMS campaigns, in which the links will be shortened in order to save some precious space.

A new condition block, Link click, has also been added to Marketing Automation scenarios. This will allow marketers to plan various paths of communications with the customers who have/haven’t clicked on a link delivered to them via any channel.

Michał Pasternak

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