Brits are now shopping online

Esendex, a global business messaging provider, conducted a survey among 4,000 international shoppers in seven different territories. As it happens, shoppers in the United Kingdom are more likely to shop online – almost 30% of them do the majority of their shopping on the web.

To be exact, 29% of British shoppers now make over 80% of their purchases online. In fact, that’s a significant increase. Before the pandemic, it was just 11%, so we’re talking about an 18% increase in less than two years.

The increase is also visible in other countries, although it’s not so significant. For instance, in France, we have an 8% increase, whereas in Spain – 9%.

If you’re interested in the British market, the authors of the aforementioned report have a few suggestions for you:

  1. Concentrate on the omnichannel model
  2. Streamline communication with customers
  3. Provide different payment options
  4. Make your website mobile-friendly

Read more about this report to find out why these four points are especially important. We could add the fifth one – automate your online store.

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