Marketing leaders are still optimistic

Linkedin surveyed 1,700+ B2B marketing leaders from across the world and asked them how they feel about their marketing strategies in current, difficult conditions. Although the majority of marketing budgets have been impacted because of current economic conditions, many marketers (76%) are optimistic.

Interestingly, marketers in India are feeling the most optimistic about their strategies (94% of answers). The next in line is Saudi Arabia (92%) and the US (91%). On the other hand, only 56% of B2B marketers in the UK and 50% in Germany feel positive about their future marketing strategies.

67% of surveyed marketers plan to maintain or increase marketing spending within the next six months. The most common goals are to:
Support long-term sales (52% of answers)
Build brand awareness (42%)
Attract valuable employees (38%)

What’s also interesting, measuring campaign effectiveness and proving the ROI of marketing investments is the biggest challenge for over 20% of surveyed marketers.

Read more about this LinkedIn study.

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