PapPal report

PayPal recently published their e-Commerce Index, giving a better insight into the current situation in the European e-commerce sector. Let’s look at the most important conclusions from this report.

The company surveyed 15,000 consumers from various European countries and asked them about their shopping habits and behaviors. The report reveals Europeans are skillful and frequent online shoppers. 65% of Europeans purchase something online every week (or more often). The average European e-customer buys something in online stores almost four times a week. The Dutch and the Greeks are the most frequent buyers – the majority of them buy something at least four times a week. 

When it comes to spending money, Sweden and the United Kingdom are at the top, with respectively 486 and 420 euros spent on online shopping every month. Lastly, we want to mention cross-border shopping. According to PayPal, one in three online purchases is done with a foreign retailer. The Irish people are most keen to buy products from international sellers (44% of answers). On the other side of the scale, we see the French – only 20% of them are willing to do cross-border shopping.
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