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Tracking KPIs with Marketing Automation

Tracking KPIs with Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation software provides its users with a range of options for performance reporting and analysis. One of the popular tools used in this field is iPresso’s KPI Dashboard, which lets marketers set custom goals and view their progress in real time.

In iPresso, you may analyse key performance indicators based on the data collected by the system itself (e.g. opened emails, clicked links), as well as on the information delivered by external systems and services integrated with iPresso. This includes such data as Facebook profile statistics or Google Analytics’ website statistics.

Every organization has certain goals and objectives to achieve. A Key Performance Indicator is a metric used to determine how well a company is performing against such targets

Organizations use KPIs at various levels to measure their success at reaching their goals. In marketing, tracking the right KPIs enables a company to successfully adjust its campaigns to various circumstances.

The most important key performance indicators for marketers include sales revenue, cost per leads, lead conversion rates, landing page traffic, social media traffic.

All of these indicators may be monitored in iPresso. The system allows marketers to set goals related to such specific data as, for example, number of new contacts, number of opened emails, downloaded files, contacts added via API, visits on a website, unsubscribed contacts and many more information gathered by the system itself or by other integrated solutions.

iPresso’s user just needs to specify the outcome that should be achieved within a specified period of time.

After defining the goal and the time period marketers will be able to view the progress and detailed statistics in the form of a chart.

The use of icons such as sun, clouds or storm allows the users of iPresso to quickly figure out the extent to which goals are being achieved and distinguish those targets which need to be redefined.

KPI Dashboard is a tool which enables marketers to quickly and appropriately react to current trends and optimize their strategy, thus improving the overall performance of their company.

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