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Pick the best version of your email campaign with iPresso’s A/B/X testing

Which subject line is the most effective? What time of the day gets the best conversion? What sender name should you use to engage more customers? With iPresso’s A/B/X email testing, you no longer have to guess – you can test up to 5 versions of an email and find out which one is the winner!

A/B/X tests in iPresso are an intuitive and easy-to-use method employed by marketers to measure and increase the effectiveness of their campaigns.

In iPresso you can run tests that will allow you to compare various elements of your communications, such as its content, from field, subject line, time of day or day of week.

You can create up to five versions, send them to random recipients belonging to your target group, and compare the results.

After measuring conversions of test sendings, the system may automatically select the winner based on predefined criteria and send the winning version to specified target group. The winning version may be also selected manually by a user of the system.

The winner may be picked on the basis of metrics such as email opens or clicks, but also any kind of contact activities available in the system, e.g. purchases made during 48 hours after receiving the email.

Thanks to A/B/X testing you will always pick the best variant of your message and see better overall results of your marketing efforts.

Michał Pasternak

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