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Personalised Messages On Websites With iPresso Marketing Automation!

Actions on sites, such as pop-ups, are one of many communication channels available in iPresso. They provide marketers with the opportunity to react in real time to customers’ activities on company’s websites, and respond appropriately to their traits and preferences.

iPresso will display appropriate communications based e.g. on customer’s tags in the system, their demographic data (e.g. the pop up will only appear if they live in London), or previously performed activities (e.g. recommendation will only be shown to those customers who had clicked a link included in a recently sent email). Such customised and personalised communications are proven to be much more successful than hit-and-miss messages shown indiscriminately to all website visitors.

Marketing Automation systems, such as iPresso, collect and update customers’ behavioral and demographic data so that it can be used to address their actual needs and interests.

Progressions of various traits or behaviors can be used as conditions that must be met in order for the message to be displayed to a visitor.

Here’s a simple example:
1. A visitor searches 40” TV sets on a store’s website.
2. Later he visits the website one more time and selects category “TV sets”.
3. A customised pop-up showing one of the 40” TV sets offered on discount is displayed.

This simple progression may be further developed to include various behavioral data, such as age (some stores may want to show different products for visitors from various age groups), sex (for example, perfumeries may promote other products to men and women), or city (if a shop wants to organise some promotional events, it can provide relevant details to people from the very cities where the events are to take place).

Michał Pasternak

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